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Networking, referrals, staffing agencies can help to meet staffing needs

Midlands Business Journal – March 6, 2015

When looking to fill staffing needs, staffing experts suggest finding qualified candidates through referrals, staffing agencies, and networking through social media and professional groups. Chris Carlson, managing director at Aureus Group said that the first step to finding new employees to fill staffing needs is to have the role and expectations clearly defined, and then determine the top three or four competencies required to be effective in the role and in the organization. “This information will be essential and is a successful sourcing campaign,” Carlson said. She said that the best way to add talent to a company is through employee referrals but employee referrals do no typically meet the needs of growing organizations. Carlson said that some other sourcing options are job boards, social media, trade associations, and partnering with a specialized recruitment firm. In order to see if a candidate will be a good fit for the company, Carlson said during the interview process to be sure to align career aspirations with the mission, values, and goals of an organization. “This is critical for acquiring and retaining top talent,” Carlson said. “Talent, skills, and knowledge, education and culture are what we consider when we recruit and interview for our customers and ourselves.” Carlson also said that behavioral and performance based questions, references, skills and personality assessments are good practices to ensure a good fit.