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What’s standing between your current state of business and your vision? What are the essential elements of success going forward? Chances are, whether you’re in the midst of change, growth, or innovation, people are at the center of it.

At Aureus Group®, we build high performance teams. Through our talent management and workforce solutions, we align your people strategy with your business strategy. We help you acquire the best and the brightest so you close the gaps, bolster bench strength, and bring transformational leaders into the fold.

We listen, dig deep, and ask questions. Because it all starts with learning about you. Great outcomes usually do.

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Access to talent

When you’re considering an addition to your core staff, a proven leader, or a consultant for a project you can do one of two things; let talent find you or find the best talent. At Aureus Group, we create a direct channel to the difference makers in the market; those who are actively searching for a new role and those waiting to be found.

We’re an extension of you, representing you with the bandwidth to reach locally, regionally, and nationally. We understand your business challenges, save you time and resources, and remain committed to help you achieve your workforce goals.

Identifying the differentiators

Experience and skill set are only part of the talent equation. We go beyond the resume and consider the intangibles that aren’t reflected on paper. The differentiators. Through behavioral interviews and in-depth conversations with our candidates, we surface the soft skills and define goals, motivations, desired work environment, and culture fit. We create a complete picture so you can make a thoughtful and accurate hiring decision.

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"I’ve partnered with Aureus Group on my contingent workforce strategy for years. They are an extension of my team."

~ CIO, Energy Organization

A customer centric experience

Acquiring talent involves more than a resume and an offer. Aureus Group provides a complete talent management solution and a customer-centric experience. We offer a broad candidate reach, thorough assessments and vetting, onboarding, and a variety of value add services. But we go beyond that. We’re trusted advisors who take the time to get to know you, your business priorities, workplace dynamics, and where you're going. Let’s get there together.

Market intelligence

Change is inevitable in the marketplace. We help you maintain a competitive edge by offering an up to date, informed perspective. Our Search Consultants are current with the talent landscape, what’s shifting, and market trends for compensation, benefits, and workplace culture. We bring insight that adds value.

Practice area experts

Our teams are present and involved in the practice areas we represent. Through our connections within professional networks and associations, user groups, alliances, and leadership forums, we’re continually engaging, learning, and relationship building. We’re experts in our specialties and proactive thought leaders who understand the intricacies of roles, the landscape, and how to create the ideal talent-opportunity match for you.

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"They provide a superior level of service at both the company and the candidate level and are my preferred vendor."

~ Talent Acquisition Partner

Progressive search tools and resources

We build personal relationships in talent circles, create dialogue, and know the power of a handshake. We also lean on the latest tools and resources to help us reach even further and deepen our candidate pool. Our Search Consultants maintain an active presence in the social media space, in online networking groups, and leverage robust candidate sourcing technology. Where there’s talent, you’ll find us.

Diversity and inclusion

Attracting and retaining talent that represents our national landscape is instrumental to innovation, success, and employee engagement. Diversity and inclusion are among the top priorities of leading companies large and small. Aureus Group will help you accelerate your efforts and advance your goals of diversity hiring by strengthening your talent pipeline while ensuring sourcing, screening, and evaluation of candidates are free from bias.

We offer expertise and objectivity in assessing your current process, identifying strengths and potential barriers, and recommending a go-forward plan for execution. Our Search Consultants are networked, present, and active in broad and varied groups in order to cultivate greater participation and engagement in talent sourcing. We align our partnerships and recruiting strategies from a place of inclusion with a focus on creating a positive, welcoming, and accessible recruiting experience for all.

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"They placed me in my role and now they help me isolate talent for my team. I trust them."

~ CFO Financial Services


Move your career forward. Acquire the best talent. Let's begin, together.

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